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Spotlighting small businesses making a difference

Hi Friends!

Welcome to my Biz Corner. On this page you will find a variety of businesses that make me smile! Not only do they make me smile, they each have a unique offering and contribution to the world. And naturally, I want to share them with you!!

I hope you will find the interviews I conduct both informative and insightful. You can learn about each business and connect with them once you click on the video.

If you have been following me on Social Media, then you know that recently I donated around 30 inches of hair.

Yes, that’s right 30 INCHES!!

I get asked many questions like, what happened? why did I do it? and etc., and here is what I would like to share with you. I discovered this non-profit organization who creates wigs for children, who suffer from chronic illnesses, at no cost to their parents. After interviewing them and learning what they are about, I chose this foundation because they have integrity, they keep their word. 

The cost of human hair is astonishingly high  and I’ve been very blessed with my hair. It will grow back. My donation and the difference this make for these families is unimaginable.

To learn more, please go to www.ChildrenWithHairLoss.us or click on the image. 

CRU Institute Cosmetology Barbering School Orange County

Great school, with financial aid, high hiring rate. Get a degree and work

Goodnight Bison/ Herd Wear Texas

Right of the highway, they have a ranch where people can spend the night, eat and shop

Cherokee Boot Outlet, Oklahoma,

This gift store has a bison farm - a must see - unique gifts, handmade and brands

Additionally, I would like to acknowledge all small business owners whom I have had the pleasure of meeting/ working with.

And a special thanks for all the women that gave their time to spread healing words through music.