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Healing past traumas to achieve self-expression and personal success.

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My unique ability will help you connect with your inner child and address emotional traumas that impact your quality of life. 

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I am a certified life coach with a Master’s degree in history of economics and an AS degree in business accounting. I have used my education to save multi-million dollar businesses. I am also recognized as the highest-performing coach in the leaders program at Landmark Worldwide. Let me help you unlock your true potential and achieve unparalleled results in your life.

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Hi, my name is Joom I got a breakthrough while I was getting coaching from Ostare. I was in a romantic relationship for 8 years all along I thought my boyfriend was playing the game, because he never asked me to marry him. Ostare got me to see I am actually the one is playing the game so I don't have to be responsible for committed to accept how much he love me and waiting for me to marry him , so now we get married and we are creating, 5 years of juicy love.