One of the intentions of the music I create is to bring about healing, specifically healing the inner child that is within each of us. As an artist, I hope my music can act as a doorway for healing and transformation. As you listen and experience my music, you will find it is a journey of healing, transformation, and empowerment. Music has the ability to do all this and more. I intend for my work to uplift and guide others who have been through life-changing experiences.

Our world wants and is ready for music that affirms our authentic self-expression and brings us together.

Ostarè, creating music to heal the inner child and awaken the champion within.

Music that heals.
Music that empowers.
Music that transforms.
The time is now. Listen.

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Deep Down

“Ostarè returns with something slightly more chilled, more soothing, and more understated. But that is not to say that Deep Down isn’t still filled with the same message of empowerment and inner healing, it is just that whereas [“Show ’em What You Got”] comes at the listener face on, a collection of soul and swagger, attitude, and ambition, “Deep Down” just throws its arms around you and gives you what can only be described as a sonic hug!”

-Dave Franklin

Show 'em What You Got

“Show Them What You Got” calls for the authentic self to show up with no apology. No matter how your physical appearance is, your character speaks louder than that.

After “God Loves A Woman”, which comes from a place of acceptance of the past, healing starts. The new single is designed to create an impact in such a way you start your journey of healing to be you with no apologies


God Loves A Woman

My debut release gives women a true definition of hope and courage to be themselves, for they are as beautiful inside as they are outside.

The time is now. Listen.